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Belly Pillow® - The ultimate pregnancy pillow

Finally a pregnancy pillow that can really help alleviate the aches and pains associated with pregnancy. By letting you lie on your front, the Belly Pillow® gives you a chance to truly relax and take some pressure off your lower back. It allows you the opportunity to continue with massage, physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment throughout your pregnancy.

Use Belly Pillow® to get comfortable on your front. Use Belly Pillow® to continue getting the benefits of all types of treatment throughout your pregnancy without fear of harm to you or your baby.

See our About Belly Pillow® section for more information. View our Healthcare Practitioner section to see first hand how Belly Pillow® can be used in your clinic or read our testimonials from the many satisfied health care practitioners and pregnant women who have benefited from using Belly Pillow®.