Comments from Belly Pillow users

" As a Physiotherapist working in pregnancy and post-natal physiotherapy I love using the Belly Pillows! It helps make my clients more comfortable (sometimes so comfortable they don't want to leave!) and increases the variety of treatments that I can utilise. I have used them for my entire career so far and have no doubt that I will be a lifetime customer as they are a fantastic product! "
Kate Henry
Physiotherapist in Adelaide
" I recently got my boss to purchase a Belly Pillow in the bigger size for my client (Wind Water Health). We received the Belly Pillow yesterday and my client used it this morning and ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! All she wanted was to lie on her stomach. I think that you have a client for life in me!  Thank you."
Andrea Lynch
“A must have for all Chiropractors who work with pregnant women. The Belly Pillow is the supreme support when it comes to assisting the pregnant woman with her care!”
Kim Lie Jom
Complete Care Chiropractic
“We love our Belly Pillow – it allows us to adjust and assess patients in a prone and comfortable position!”
Lisa McKee
Dudley Rd Chiropractic Center
“My pregnant patients are much happier and more comfortable while getting adjusted. The Belly Pillows are awesome!”
Dr Nathan Bridge
Chiropractic Works
“I love the Belly Pillow. I use it everyday in my practice. My mums think it is wonderful. Thank you.”
Dr Jodi Davis
One Chiropractic Health
“I use the Belly Pillow with many of my pregnant clients, they always feel comfortable and safe on it. It’s a great asset to my practice making all tables usable for checking expectant mums.”
Dr Gillian Nixon
Vital Spines
“The Belly Pillow is a MUST if you care for pregnant women.”
Olivia Gleeson
Nervana Chiropractic
“The Belly Pillow accommodates my pregnant patients by supplying them the greatest comfort possible. There is no way I would be able to give them the proper care they need without it.”
Kyle McCandless D.C.
Wellspring Chiropractic
“We have used the Belly Pillow since it was first launched – and we love it!”
Marti Morris
“As soon as you start using this simple innovative product, you’ll wonder why it hasn’t been thought of before! - MAN walked on the moon 45 years before the Belly Pillow. It fills a void in pregnant patient management that allows you to give your best in chiropractic AND your patients absolutely love it! Many thanks."
Lawrence Irvine
Chiropractor Tweed Heads
"I absolutely love using the Belly Pillow in my practice. My pregnant clients love the fact that they can lie on their stomach. Most want to know where they can buy one for themselves. I also use the Belly Pillow when working with infants. It keeps the baby from rolling around and they seem very content lying in the pillow. I make use of the Belly Pillows every day in the centre. Thank you very much for a wonderful product.!"
Carrie Anne Gallagher
Chiropractor, Beingwell Healthcare, Prahran VIC
"Fantastic!! That is what I hear from all of my pregnant clients. The love the pressure it takes off their bodies, especially low back pain. I am able to work their entire back and hips during a massage without having to make the client move from side to side. It is so relaxing for them and they always look forward to the instant relief. Being a massage therapists and pregnant myself - I can honestly say that was the BEST purchase I have made for myself and my clients."
Chrissy Schemenauer
Certified Massage Therapist, Michigan, USA
"Being a first time mum – I was quite amazed at how much reflux can affect a new born baby. My baby could be distressed for hours sometimes after a feed. My chiropractor placed my bub in one of your late pregnancy pillows whilst she attended to my husband and me. For nearly an hour my baby sat happily in the pillow. Because he was propped up he seemed more comfortable. He has now been using it at home for about a month and he certainly will sit happily in the pillow after a feed and or will fall asleep there. I have also found it a handy thing to take to a friends place if I want to put him down for a while at my feet. Just a note of warning however, if he is really distressed and kicking a lot he can use the pillow as a springboard and shoot himself out like a human cannonball – so you must be at arms reach whilst he is seated inside."
D’Arne Sleeman
“I used to stack pillows under my pregnant ladies to treat them but find that Belly Pillow offers a convenient and comfortable alternative. My pregnant patients think that lying on their stomach is just brilliant! The women can completely relax and are easier to adjust lying on their front. They achieve neutral spine well and it is more appropriate and effective to treat them on their fronts rather than on their sides. I run a lot of exercise classes for pregnant women and find the biggest problem they have is lack of education. There is still a lot of “old school” obstetricians and gynaecologists that believe a lot of the discomfort and pain associated with pregnancy is unavoidable, yet women can benefit greatly from regular physiotherapy sessions as soon as they confirm their pregnancy.”
Anita Dikkenberg
Physiotherapist, Narre Warren Physiotherapy Clinic, Victoria


“The introduction of Belly Pillow into my practice last year means that my clients are thrilled that they can continue their massage therapy treatment throughout their pregnancy in comfort and safety. Pregnant women can benefit enormously from regular massage, so I am delighted to be able to offer this service to them. Belly Pillow makes it easy to treat pregnant women for the whole 9 months.”
Sonia Gagliardi
Massage Therapist, Sanctum Body Therapy, Bulleen, Victoria


"I have used the Belly Pillow to treat my patients and recommend it highly as a means of safely and effectively treating pregnant patients.. I feel the Belly Pillow is a great aid to pregnancy and find it invaluable in my practice."
Marita Smith
Chiropractor, Melbourne Australia
"This is my first pregnancy and I have found the change in body shape and weight extremely trying. For the last two months (from week 28) I have been having regular massages at home using the Belly Pillow - it is such a blessed relief to be able to lie on my uncomfortably distended tummy!....I am also able to relieve my lower back pain simply by lying on the pillow for 10 minutes every now and then throughout the day. I found the Belly Pillow practical to use, easy to store, well made and versatile. I recommend the Belly Pillow to all pregnant women."
Evie Liolios
Melbourne Australia
"Where was the Belly Pillow during my first pregnancy?! Being able to lie on my front and finally to get a comfortable massage has made all the difference second time round. The first time I lay in the pillow I fell asleep ... thank you Belly Pillow!"
Kelly Roberts
Melbourne Australia
"I didn't know quite how much I needed the Belly Pillow until I tried it! There was no other way I could get comfortable in the last few months of my pregnancy ... what a relief to be able to take a nap and feel rested. I can't recommend it highly enough. Go out and get one today!"
Lisa Parker
Melbourne Australia
"Two days after our Belly Pillows arrived, we did a pregnancy massage. Our guest was delighted to learn she was able to lie face down. Our Spa therapist was amazed at how much more effective the massage was compared to having the guest lie on her side. We are now training our whole Spa team in pregnancy massage techniques using the fabulous Belly Pillow."
Karen Zobory
Spa Director, On The Park Rejuvenation
"I have been using one of your Belly Pillows during my pilates classes on 2 separate clients and they both really love it! It has allowed them to participate in all of the back strengthening work which is so important to maintain throughout the pregnancy, but until your product came along, it had been harder for them to do the same quality of work. So i love it...and the mum's love it! I'll be raving about it at the Pregnancy Expo Show."
Gemma Duff
Belly Bound
"Thanks so much for the Belly Pillow. the girls love it! We have been using it both in the physiotherapy clinic and in the massage clinic - may have to order another one before too long!! I have already passed on some of your brochures to friends. A FANTASTIC design and product!"
Sarah Mac Alasdair
Midland Physiotherapy
"Hi Petr, I am not a pregnant woman. I am a senior with a football sized tumor in my stomach cavity which prevents me from having massages for a severe spinal condition. I use your Belly Pillow every week at my chiropractor and at my massage pain clinic. I can't tell you how much comfort you have given me. Thank you so much."
"Thanks for designing this great product - i don't know if it was your intention but it has proven very helpful in making sex way more accessible throughout my pregnancy! "

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