Our Full Belly Pillow® Range

We have a range of Belly Pillows® available, ensuring there's one that is ideal for you. If you're in the early stages of pregnancy, have a look at our Early Pregnancy Belly Pillow®, while those in later stages would find our Late Pregnancy Belly Pillow® more comfortable.

Health professionals may prefer our Belly Pillow® Pro. Its non-permeable, anti-microbial, hospital grade cover makes it the easiest and most hygienic way to examine your pregnant clients.

If you're after the best value for your money, take a look at our Belly Pillow® Set, which has the added benefit of helping you remain comfortable throughout your entire pregnancy.

Early Pregnancy Belly Pillow

The Early Pregnancy Belly Pillow® can be used from the moment you become pregnant and is still useful after the baby is born!

Late Pregnancy Belly Pillow

During your pregnancy, the 16 cm cavity of the Late Pregnancy Belly Pillow® supports your growing belly right up until the last weeks of pregnancy.

Belly Pillow Set

Buy both Early and Late Pregnancy Belly Pillows online as a set at a special discounted price. Be comfortable during your entire pregnancy.